The Musikinsel

A small bridge leads to an inspiring, peaceful and creative atmosphere in the former Benedictine monastery on the Rhine island. On the Musikinsel you find everything you need for your rehearsals: Rooms with first class acoustics, a courteous hospitality and ample room to sozialize with others.

A few comments of our guests:

The grandeur of the rehearsal rooms and the silence of the ‘Musikinsel’ create an aura, which leads to peace of mind and concentration. We achieved more in two days than in many evening rehearsals. Claudio Danuser, Choir Directors

On the Musikinsel I was able to realize my wish to live and work under the same roof. Philip Draganov, Creative Director YOUTH CLASSICS

It’s impossible not to be fascinated by this venue, Marianne Heinzelmann


altes bild kloster rheinau