The foundation

Committed to musical creation and performance practice

The "Stiftung Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau" is a foundation with the aim of  reviving the unique monastery complex and of providing an adequate rehearsal infrastructure for musicians in Switzerland. The foundation was provided with a capital of 20 million CHF to cover the initial costs and the expected operating losses.

Moreover, the foundation is politically and denominationally neutral, and does not adhere to any musical preferences. The Musikinsel is open to musicians of all profiles and styles.

Christoph Blocher, Walter Eberle and Rahel Blocher are on the Board of Trustees, Rahel Blocher as Delegate. The members of the Board of Trustees are not remunerated. The foundation is a recognised non-profit organisation and is thus exempt from tax. If you wish to financially support the "Stiftung Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau" and thereby the institution of the Musikinsel, please contact us.


Stiftung Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau
Kugelgasse 22
CH-8708 Männedorf

Telefon: +41 (0) 44 921 20 10

info [at] musikinsel [dot] ch