Every hotel room is equipped with a high-quality bathroom with shower, lavatory and sink. The rooms are conceived as pleasant refuges designed with the focus on comfort and relaxation, and furnished accordingly. Moreover, various pastel colours combinations (floor, wall, curtains) bring coloured vivacity into the monastic austerity.

The bed was specially developed for the Musikinsel. The principal idea was to use the bed as a shelf and a storage space, particularly for instrument cases. Correspondingly, the shelf at the entrance was also designed and dimensioned as to allow sufficient storage space for a cello.

Due to the history of the building itself, no two rooms are alike. Diverse solutions had to be found for the installation of the bathrooms. Similarly, the furniture has been chosen to suit the different floor plans. Every room has its own individual charisma and charm.

The Musikinsel offers 8 single rooms, 51 double rooms, one triple room, 2 rooms with 6 beds and one room with 8 beds, all at very reasonable prices that do not come to covering the costs. The same applies to the 16 rehearsal rooms. This is made possible by the "Stiftung Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau", a non-profit foundation that absorbs the Musikinsel’s operating shortfalls.

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